Tuesday, December 1, 2015


So I just made a smoothies this morning, okay of I attempted to make a smoothies this morning, the smoothie turned out more like a mousse but it is still delicious! I figure it was going to be a smoothie but has mousse-y qualities so now it’s a smousse.  I did make a mistake putting it in a cup (it really should be in a bowl, like most mousses). This smousse definitely does NOT need any sweetener, so for my fellow sugar-holics, you’re welcome. Here’s what’s in it:

Sunday, November 15, 2015

$1 Thrift Haul!!!

So I was soooooo excited when I checked the almighty craigslist and found a sale. But not just any sale a EVERYTHING for a dollar sale!!! Some things need fixing but at a dollar, it's still a great deal!  Here's what I got :)

 Dresses = $3

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Despite the caramel complexion that I possess on the outside, I think deep, deep down I’ve always been green. Maybe because when I was younger the majority of my clothes came from the thrift store, or maybe not ever wanting to put my produce in a bag as a child and or always making my own all natural skincare products. I thought I was pretty cool and then I started recycling, throwing away the stuff was hurting the place I called home aka earth and I didn’t want to do that so I took action and felt like I was being a better person.. I bought a reusable bag, grew my own culinary herbs and I recycled, so surely that was enough, right?  I was oblivious! In my mind I thought when you recycle all those lovely little things are always turned into new things and thus problem solved.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Little Pot of Horrors

My kitchen looked like something out of a slasher film over the week or even a brew for an evil magic potion. Everywhere you looked; bones, little feet, and big feet OH MY! I made a delicious (if I do say so myself) bone broth from of materials; pig feet, beef marrow bones and chicken feet (for extra gelatin). I have made bone broth before but I must say this is the best broth I have made in a long, long time! I will tell you it took FOREVER! 24 hours to be exact, but like it says in the good book, “good things come to those who wait”. Broth or stock  is delicious and since it’s about to get a little cooler outside, soup is going to be a must! So why make broth? I made my broth for 4 reasons:
1.       It’s healthier – most commercial broths while delicious contain health harming ingredients the main one that I’ve seen is MSG or mono sodium glutamate which is known to cause a variety of health issues including hormone imbalances, headaches and gastro-intestinal problems. While bone broth reduces inflammation, helps digestions and can even make skin deliciously supple.

2.       It’s tastier – most commercial broths in my humble opinion are bland and don’t really seem to help when it comes to seasoning food. Bone broth is full of flavor and nutrients.

3.       It’s more eco-friendly – in my humble opinion commercial broths aren’t as eco-friendly because it comes in a container (sometimes paper, sometimes plastic) that can really suck if you are trying to limit your household waste. With bone broth you can take a re-usable container to your local butcher and ask for the bone to be placed in the container and no waste is created.

4.       It’s honorable – as a person who eats animal protein it is very important to me that the animal had a good life was never abused and was fed good foods (and no hormones). With all that goes into raising an animal that will ultimately be sacrificed for me to live. I feel that is only right to honor the animal by making sure that none of it goes to waste or like my parents to say “from the rooter to the tooter”.

So should you make broth? YES!  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

I have  been getting good rest, spending time with friends and have felt pretty healthy, so imagine my surprise to find that I had been diagnosed with A.S.A. even though I had felt great I had to admit that there had been something off about me lately I was putting off posting on TCM, I was putting off marketing my business, I was putting off eating healthy and working out it was all thanks to A.S.A. So you’re probably “Oh my God what is a.s.a”?!
“Could I have it”?!
“Is it contagious”
A.S.A as I like to call it just an acronym that for; “as soon as”. And now you’re officially going “what the heck is she talking about”/ “is that a real thing”?! I call what I have a.s.a but it really is just plain old procrastination. A.S.A. is what we say when we are about to put something off (or procrastinate) until something  is in place, perfect or we just finally can’t put it off anymore. I have found myself putting off things that could be done now off because I want to do them perfectly;

Needing to post on my blog but I don’t have the best camera or editing skills
“as soon as I take this class and get a better camera I’ll post more”
I have put off exercise but don’t have nice workout clothes
“As soon as I get the right workout clothes I’ll go to the gym”

I need to start designing again but my space is unorganized

As soon as I get more organized I’ll design again”
I need to get organized but don’t have proper containers

“As soon as I get containers I’ll get organized”

Despite how much I try A.S.A seems to take over every time, I guess I’m the world’s laziest perfectionist.  But as of today I  am no longer waiting until situations are perfect to make moves because life isn’t perfect and neither am I. I  want my life’s legacy to be the woman who did not the woman who wanted to as soon as…