Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Macro Bowl

So lately I have been really taking advantage of Whole Food's bulk section due to the benefits health and pricewise. I have been trying new grains, beans,spices and much, much more. As I looked throughout Pinterest I saw what is now a favorite of mine, Macro-bowls. Macrobiotics is an ancient system of eating based on the principles of Yin and Yang . So basically it's all about moderation and balance. From what I've seen to make a macrobiotic meal or in this case balance bowl, you need beans, a grain, traditionally seaweed (which I didn't use) and a majority of raw and some cooked vegetables. I made my "balance" bowl based on these principles. My balance bowl consisted of:

Forbidden Black Rice with garlic coconut oil and chipotle pepper 
Adzuki Beans with chipotle pepper and coconut oil
Zucchini in garlic powder and sauteed 
Raw red cabbage massaged with EVOO and sea salt
Raw carrot with black sesame seeds 
Green onion and red pepper sauteed in toasted sesame seed oil 


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