Friday, May 30, 2014

Yummy In My Tummy: Traderspoint Creamery

Every woman, no matter how young or not-so-young should take the time to love and care for herself! Don't be afraid to spoil yourself. Take a walk just cause, buy yourself flowers, give yourself a spa day. But never forget to love you! One way I spoil myself is by eating quality, delicious and nutritious food. I recently discovered that I LOVE YOGURT!

I eat a lot of different types but never ones with hormones and yucky ingredients. One of my favorite yogurts is the brand featured above, Traderspoint Creamery a farm and restaurant in Indiana is very particular about the treatment of their cows, making sure that they are fed a grass only diet. Not only is this yogurt delicious and healthy it is also in a cute little glass container that can be used again (I am going to do something with mine in the future). To find a local vendor check the website!


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