Thursday, June 19, 2014

Almost Rotten Beauty Mask!

I love fruit! All types too whether apples or dragon fruit or apricots or scuppernongs! I love it all! And now that we are finally into beautiful summer we now have more fruits to choose from. Delicious blueberries, juicy  peaches, refreshing strawberries all come together in a wonderful rainbow to welcome Summer. Since I love fruit so much it can sometimes be hard to eat all of it before it becomes too overripe.   I don't like wasting money so now I make beauty products with my overripe fruit instead of throwing it away!  Fruit has a ton of skin benefits! For instance kiwi has alpha hydroxy acid which naturally exfoliate and brighten skin, while honey it an anti-bacterial agent, so it can treat and prevent new breakouts and Bentonite detoxes the skin.

What you'll Need:
3 teaspoons Bentonite clay
1 small overripe kiwi
1/2 teaspoon Manuka honey (or you can use regular honey)
Small mixing container 
Step 1: Mash your kiwi in a small bowl with your fork

Step 2:  Mix in you bentonite clay thoroughly so that it will be evenly dispersed

Step 3: When your mixture looks creamy (like the photo above)


Step 4: Add in your 1/2 teaspoon of manuka honey. Mix well


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