Thursday, June 5, 2014

Egg Crate Garden

I love junk! Not just food, but junk as in things that people normally throw away. I save yogurt cups, bottles, boxes, you name it, it's probably in my closet. I've always hoped that in life people will remember me because of what kind of person I am (in a good way of course) and my accomplishments.

But with my love of junk I will probably be seen as the young lady that desperately needed to be spotlighted on an episode of hoarders! One thing I saved this month was an egg carton, and with this egg carton I made a seed starter. If you are as big of a junk Gypsy as I am and want to start growing those veggies yourself  here's:

 What You'll Need:
1 egg carton ( I used one that a dozen eggs)
12 2x2 inch squares of old newspaper
1.5 c potting soil (I used miracle grow)
Seeds (any should do)

Step 1: Punch small holes in the center of each compartment.

Step 2: Place your first 2x2 piece of newspaper compartment.

Step 3: Place all of you pieces of paper in all the egg compartments.

Step 4: Choose which seed you want in your garden. As you can see I chose EVERYTHING!

Step 5: Place one tablespoon of dirt in the egg crate and add the desired seed on top of the dirt. (the yogurt cup to the side is where i'm sprouting my loofah seeds).

Step 6: Add another spoonful of dirt, water lightly and wait your garden to grow!

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