Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 things that deserve more appreciation.

Everyone appreciates something even if they don't acknowledge it very often. You probably appreciate your car because walking everywhere is almost impossible and so much work! You probably appreciate your lungs too, I mean without them how  would you breathe? And I know you appreciate being able to read because if you couldn't how would you be able to read The Creative Miss?

1. Our parents- no matter how many mistakes that have made or continue to make they are the reason we are here and even if that's the only reason it's definitely one to be grateful for.

2. Our feet- they may not be the prettiest or most admired body part but they take from us from place to place with very little thanks, so here's to feet!

3. Stretch Marks- it may sound crazy but stretch marks can be looked at as gross to some but regardless of how we may see them they are indeed signs of growth! Maybe from a baby, weight loss or just from puberty. Stretch marks remind us of the many roads our bodies have traveled.

4. Snow days- as kids we loved snows days because they meant NO SCHOOL (well not for me because I was home-schooled). As we get older things change- bills, debt, work all these things pile on and snow days, can instead be considered  an interference rather the beautiful disaster that they are.

5. Rain- you can take this as having sentimental meaning if you like, but beauty often arrives after rain. Rainbows occur after well, rain, April showers bring May flowers and many more rain is good brings good things aphorisms.

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