Friday, September 12, 2014

Best Scrub Ever!

Now my mama taught me well,  tell the truth, treat others as you yourself want to be treated and don't brag. Well even though it may sound like i'm bragging, i'm not! This is the best scrub EVER! It's gentle, exfoliates and softens the skin! Warning if you do not wish to make your skin feel soft and look radiant  do not use this scrub :-)

You Will Need: 
  ¼ c baking soda
½ c almond meal
 ¾ c organic sugar
7-8 oz glass jar with lid
medium bowl 
one fork 

Step 1: Add baking soda to bowl

Step 2: Add your almond meal to the bowl

Step 3: Add the sugar.

Step 4: Mix with a fork 

Step 5: Funnel into your jar. 

This scrub is perfect for hands, feet and the body. When you would like to use your best scrub ever, mix a bit will a nourishing oil like almond or olive oil! 


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