Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Despite the caramel complexion that I possess on the outside, I think deep, deep down I’ve always been green. Maybe because when I was younger the majority of my clothes came from the thrift store, or maybe not ever wanting to put my produce in a bag as a child and or always making my own all natural skincare products. I thought I was pretty cool and then I started recycling, throwing away the stuff was hurting the place I called home aka earth and I didn’t want to do that so I took action and felt like I was being a better person.. I bought a reusable bag, grew my own culinary herbs and I recycled, so surely that was enough, right?  I was oblivious! In my mind I thought when you recycle all those lovely little things are always turned into new things and thus problem solved.

 I guess I thought that my plastic went to trashlandia where it would rest and never bother us again! Unfortunately even with recycling that is not enough. Plastic specifically can be the hardest thing to get rid of and is in almost every household. The chemicals from plastic-plants can and do still pollute our air and bodies, and a lot of plastic still ends up in landfills and in our oceans. So how/what ever shall we do? Make like the peppered moth and change (it’s a Darwin joke)! Now I’m not saying all at once, and I won’t completely knock using plastic sometimes, but if you see the lovely picture above, that is my very real and full recycling bin you will see that everyday people like myself can create so much unnecessary waste! I am working to continuously reduce my waste so that maybe just maybe when my future kids want to visit the beach that there might just still be one.  Thanks for reading!

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